Transformational Trading

Creates mutual partnerships with people that enables long-term sustainability of their economy, their environment, and their community. This is accomplished using three building blocks.

The foundation stone of Transformational Trading is relationship. Building relationships involves time, establishing trust, mutual understanding, and compassion. It is not charity, it is standing along side.

Dominion Trading Importers builds relationships by finding communities that want change - not a hand out. These communities look at things differently, they look forward, not back. They have hope. These communities have a desire to help other communities.

Once a relationship is established, then we can work together toward solutions.

The next step in the transformational process is to develop solutions. These solutions will be different in each community. However, there are some basic things that are required for all solutions. These involve quality, responsibility, and accountability. Most social programs and certifications deal with giving underprivileged people more money for their products or a reward for helping the environment. This makes the consumer feel good about their purchase but it doesn't offer a long-term solution to the problem. Social and environmental incentives only go so far. The quality of the product is what really drives the price. This is more difficult and takes longer to establish, but it is the right thing to strive for. If a quality product is produced, it is produced responsibly, and it is done with accountability; then everyone benefits.

This starts with rewarding quality. Paying premium prices for premium products makes sense.

When quality is rewarded, it teaches responsibility. Responsible products start with quality and then build in long-term sustainability with attention to people, the community, and the environment.

Accountability finishes the task. Once the criteria for trade is established for a quality product that is produced responsibly, then accountability is set up. This accountability sets a standard which allows people to trade knowing they won't be cheated. It gives people dignity.

Change occurs when a community teaches another community how to build relationships, create solutions, and change their lives.